Lugares Vivos - Mundos Hoy

Recorded by Thierry Looser
Mixed by Christoph Utzinger
Mastered by Hannes Kumke

Artist: Lugares Vivos
Albumtitel: Mundos Hoy
Jahr: 2016
Genre: Earth Beat

The Journey of ‘Lugares Vivos’ starts in Cuba with NuLyra and her Bass. She travels to Switzerland with nothing but Bossa Nova in her heart, rhythm in the blood, Rock in her ears and many songs in her mind. It is there where she finds Jazz as an element to her luggage and three other travelers to trip with: Jul Diller, Carlo Menet and Lobosch Grüter.
They are on their way since 2012 and even though the destination is still unknown, the path is simply clear.
Two of their favourite bands are Hiatus Kayote and Pedra Preta, who they listen to as they travel across the spheres of time.
Next Stop: Life – Lugares Vivos!